Cloud computing is a batttle for the API’s

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I was reading this news about Rackspace adding a partner development portal. And this brought to mind that a large part of the cloud battle is a battle over the API’s to the cloud.

At newScale, we have support for VMWare out of the box which means their API’s; and we have Amazon EC2 running in the cloud, which means those API’s.

Now comes Rackspace with their API’s and Gogrid is out there also. Can we add support for yet one more cloud provider? Maybe if the demand is there. But a fourth, fifth, sixth? At some point, you simply can’t support all these environments out of the box equally well.

So if cloud is the new OS, the winner is the one with most developers, no? In that sense, Rackspace is making a good move in trying to draw developers in. But 15 is a drop in the bucket.

My question is: why not just adopt the Amazon API’s? It has tons of developer support already. Result: instant ecosystem.

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