Cloud computing is a batttle for the API’s

I was reading this news about Rackspace adding a partner development portal. And this brought to mind that a large part of the cloud battle is a battle over the API’s to the cloud. At newScale, we have support for VMWare out of the box which means their API’s; and we have Amazon EC2 running […]


Open clouds and the need for a service catalog

I wrote this when, we added newScale to the list of supporters of the Open Cloud Manifesto. I’d like to explain why this manifesto is important to the IT service management community and to us at newScale. In simple terms, when we talk about “cloud-computing” we are speaking of the next generation Data-center-as-a-service. Which is […]


Clouderati vs. Itilista: Thoughts on the Linkage of Cloud and ITIL and Where Twain Fails to Meet

Recently I was speaking with project manager implementing ITIL for the whole service lifecycle. For those, unfamiliar, ITIL is a process framework of 22 processes to manage a service from “Should we do it?” to “How are we are designing it,” “How do we operate it” and the end, “We are getting rid of it.” […]

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Paul Maritz, VMware CEO – General Session Keynote Mentions Service Catalog

Paul Maritz presented their view of the Front Office of IT, that includes Service Catalog, Self-service, charge back and service profiles. This is all about Offer a Cloud. In other words, they have adopted newScale’s Front Office vision; which is great. However, based on the Lifecycle Manager lab that I attended last night, their ‘catalog’ […]


Further (Mis) Adventures in Cloud Computing. Like Bob Marley, I’m Still Waiting. #cloud

Yesterday I wrote about my effort to find a cloud provider that I can use to upload an image. I tried three. Each one is in some state of beta-ninnes, with complex sign up procedures, no clear self-service catalog. You see, I’m pretty sure they’ve done a mahvelous job putting their infrastructure in place, using […]


“Can I get a price check on this AMI?” Catalog, Order Management, Subscription and Metering

William Vambenepe has a nice post that illustrates some of the challenges in the catalog side of cloud computing. First a quote, then my comments. Of course, by the time my account usage page was updated (it took a few hours) I had found the price list which in retrospect wasn’t that hard to find […]

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