Further (Mis) Adventures in Cloud Computing. Like Bob Marley, I’m Still Waiting. #cloud

Yesterday I wrote about my effort to find a cloud provider that I can use to upload an image.

I tried three. Each one is in some state of beta-ninnes, with complex sign up procedures, no clear self-service catalog. You see, I’m pretty sure they’ve done a mahvelous job putting their infrastructure in place, using the best tools, hardware out there.

But no thought to the user experience. So here’s the countdown.

Cloud One, the upload takes 5-6 hours, fails, then gives me a cryptic error message. So every cycle of trial and error is a day. Status: Not working
Cloud Two, after scary, long sign up process, chat sessions, disconnected chat sessions (“I was talking to Randy about…. sigh….”), appeals to product manager (“let me get back to you”). I’m finally provisioned! But it doesn’t work with VMDK. Status: Not working.

Cloud Three, Same as two, but I can’t log in… so I call support and they ask me two questions: account # and domain name. Me: “I don’t have them, this is the only number I got from sign up” Support: “I can’t find you.” Me: “Here’s my name, address,credit card, blah” Support: “I can’t find you.”

Much later… We’ll get back to you soon. That was yesterday. Status: Not working.

So I’m still waiting… Lest you think I wasted the whole day in this foolish quest without gain, it did remind me of how much I love Bob Marley’s “I’m Still Waiting” So enjoy!

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